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When You Don’t Lose Weight Eating Low Calorie Foods

Posted on: September 18, 2008

If you have been eating low calorie foods and still feeling lethargic, groggy and overweight..then look again. You maybe actually piling on more calories than your requirement. Here is a closer look at some popular low calorie foods and how you may be going wrong eating them.

Diet Drinks– The 1 calorie drinks may not be helping you much. These drinks are loaded with aspartame( artificial sweetener) which is under scrutiny over health issues. Apart from this when we have a low calorie drink, we think we have the liberty to have some extra calories. People tend to eat more consciously because they feel they can. If you really want to have a healthy drink then sip on plain water, lemon water, buttermilk. These are digestive and healthy options to diet drinks.
Fruit Juice– It is commonly thought that having fruit juice is a great way to lose weight. With many varieties of packed juices available in the market we prefer having juice instead of fruit. However the fact is that, it is healthier to eat the fruit instead of having it’s juice. Here’s why? You will consume calories of about 4-5 oranges without any fibre in a glass of orange juice as compared to having one orange in whole. So go whole fruit, it’s low calorie and healthy.
Energy Bars– The low fat energy bars are sold as diet foods. These bars are loaded with aspartame and give you a sugar high instantly only to bring your sugar levels crashing down. This sudden drop in sugar levels can leave you hungry and lethargic. Energy bars are good for athletes…they may not work likewise for you.
Cottage Cheese( Paneer) -If you are snacking on paneer when thoes hunger pangs strike then cosider the calories too. 1 cup of paneer made out of full cream milk has 265 calories. However if you go for the low fat variety then the calories go down by half.
Popcorn– Popcorn is a great source of protein and carbohydrates. It is a wonderful low calorie snack, only if you keep it that. 1 cup of salted popcorn has about 30kcal. Adding a little butter to it makes it 130kcal per cup. So maybe munching on those butter pop corns at the movies is not a good idea.
Salads– Low calorie and salads quite synonymous, don’t you think?. However the dressing can make all the difference. A thousand island dressing has 59 calories and 47 fat calories. A simple mayonnaise dressing has 50 calories and 44 calories from fat. Also adding fried potatoes or bread croutons to the salad increases the calorie content. So if you are the salad lover then go in for salads with healthier dressing such as curd dressing which has only 90 calories.
Soups– Come winter and nothing is better than a bowl of hot piping soup. However with the convenience catching up, all you need to do is to mix a packet of soup powder in water and your soup is ready in minutes. The convenient calories are no way behind.You will be surprised to know that your bowl of cream of tomato soup ( packet) has 128 calories which as compared to home made clear tomato soup has only 20 calories. Soups are a wonderful way to nourish but keep it clear if you are looking at losing weight.


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