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8 Ways To Cut Calories During Navratras

Posted on: September 30, 2008

Navratra is always a great time with all the festivities and the celebrations. However for those on a diet and the navratra fast, confusion is bound to happen. The puris, kheer and fried potatoes can take your diet for a real spin. Let’s take a look at the calories you consume during navratras.

  •  3-4 kuttu ke atta ki puris- 400 calories
  • ½ katori samak ki kheer- 300 calories
  • 2 pieces paneer kofta- 400 calories
  • 2 pieces aloo pakoda- 250 calories
  • 100 gm sabudana namkeen- 250 calories

 Yes, this is what you eat in this fast. So be sensible and don’t let your diet and hard work go in vain. I have worked out some tips that you can follow to keep your diet on and enjoy the fast as well.

  1. Start your day with a medium sized boiled potato with half a teaspoon of butter and some salt. Since it a complex carbohydrate it will keep you full for long and keep those cravings in control.
  2. Have a variety of fruits in the day. Fruits are also a form of carbohydrate and are low in calories.
  3. Do not have kuttu ki puris or paranthas, instead have rotis mixed with aloo, mooli and spices.
  4. Make your veggies in refined oil, avoid adding ghee.
  5. Try baking your veggies; make an exotic dish like make Sheppard’s pie with a paneer filling.
  6. Instead of having namkeens and pakodas as snacks, have a handful of makhanas.
  7. Milk galore! Stick to having low fat milk and curd during this time. Add cucumber, ghia or tomato to your curd to make it more filling.
  8. Drink lots of water to keep you filled up.

These tips worked for me, do let me know if you have any more suggestions to keep it light. Till then happy Navratri!


2 Responses to "8 Ways To Cut Calories During Navratras"

excellent ideas. just today i am looking at how many calories were in the aloo and paneer pakora i just ate. amazing how few web sites are out there for desi dishes and nutrition.


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