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Is South Indian Food Low In Calories? Not Really

Posted on: November 23, 2008

So the weekend has arrived and you want to eat out, but the condition is it should be light and healthy. The best option you feel is of course the favourite South Indian..or is it? Well lets have a look at how much are you eating in that one evening meal.

FOOD                  CALORIES

1Masala Dosa            350

2 Idlis                        97

2 Vadas                    175

1 bowl Sambhar        200

Nariyal Chutney(30 ml) 75

Total calories -897

Surprised! Well your South Indian meal is no less in calories. However you can be smart and cut down the calories. Here’s how

  • Eat plain dosa instead of masala dosa.(Calories saved: 130)
  • Avoid vadas, eat idlis instead since they are steamed they are much lighter.(Calories saved: 150)
  • It is better to avoid the coconut chutney, instead eat the green chutney.(Calories saved:53)

Total calories saved: 333
As i said earlier losing weight is all about being smart around food. Don’t let it get the better of you,take control of what you eat.


5 Responses to "Is South Indian Food Low In Calories? Not Really"

Thanks for the information. Can you please inform other tips also.
Also is there any website where we can get all the details pertaining to Calories in our indian food.

Thankyou for your comment Amit, Iam glad you liked the article. I do keep on putting up links as and when i find something interesting and i surely will try to help you with the information you need regarding calories.

yes Amit…stop eating pedas and rosagullas

Plain Dosa made from Brown ( hand pound) rice and Urad Dal but less oil or no oil
can cut down several calories.
Instead of Coconut Chutney prefer Sambhar only.

I am always very conscious about food calories because i want to keep my weight down. ”

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