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Low Calorie Navratra Dosa

Posted on: September 24, 2009

I love navratras it’s a total feast,however the calories is what bothers me the most.So here is a simple, low calorie recipe to try which doesn’t take much of your time and is great to eat.


vrat chawal flour(1 cup)

mustard seeds(1tsp)

1 tablespoon oil

water to make batter

salt as per taste


  1. Mix vrat rice flour with water to make a smooth batter.The batter should neither be too thin or too thick.
  2. Add salt as per taste.
  3. Make a tadka or tempering of mustard seeds with kadi patta and add it to the batter.Mix well
  4. Pour a ladle full of the batter on a non- stick tawa and spread it in circular motion like a dosa.Sprinkle one or two drops of oil over the dosa.Flip over when cooked from one side.
  5. Serve hot with mint chutney.

That’s my version of the dosa, you can also add potatoes as a filling if you just cannot do without them.But be sure to count the calories then.

Serves 5-6

Total calories per servings- 75


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