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Getting Back On The Healthy Track

Posted on: October 8, 2014

So i have experienced it, dealt with it and truly acknowledge it..getting back is tough! You are on a bandwagon to your dreams, goals or maybe something you just enjoy doing..and yes you are getting appreciated and you are loving it..and then poofffff!!! the balloon deflates, how many times has that happened to you? Many times with me definitely!

When i started blogging i was on a roll with an intention of reaching out to people and providing the correct heartfelt information. I was thoroughly enjoying and cherries, plums and peaches of my labour :).. and then the inevitable happened..i just stopped it. Yes, i have been visiting my blog but as the movie..tomorrow never tomorrow never came.

So finally i got the courage to start all over again thanks to the generous comments 😉 of my husband. To be frank i Googled how to get back to blogging after a know its funny. I realized its as tough or as simple as getting back to anything and since we are talking about health here..i believe to a diet or to an exercise routine. Yes, so lets start all over again, you are losing weight and all and then you stop..question is why??

  • is the feel good factor not motivating enough?
  • Does life get too boring on a diet or exercise routine?
  • Do we look for quick solutions as long term gets us to lose patience?
  • Is losing courage and getting lazy on the same line?

So i ask you, what is it that you are getting back at..weightloss, weightgain, addictions, exercise or maybe just life. I just got back, it was tough but not that much 🙂


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