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10 Ways To Cut Calories When Eating Out

Posted on: January 5, 2017

Come friday and the parties begin. Whether it is clubbing or simply dining out, eating out has become a religion. However this regime does tend to be heavy on the hips. The main reason that obesity is alarmingly increasing in India is due to regular eating out and the supersizded portions eateries offer. Since eating out is unavoidable so why not eat smartly. I have come up with 10 tricks to cut down on calories when you are dining out. Basically you eat your cake and don’t put on too.

1. If you are ordering pasta, go for a tomato sauce base. Request the waiter not to put the cheese garnishing.

2. Order clear soups when you dine out. In case you want to have a cream soup then share it with someone.

3. Ask for the salad dressing separately. Add only 1 teaspoon of the dressing to a bowl of salad.

4. Indian food outside is the most greasiest of all. Go for tandoori roti instead of naan, have grilled options like paneer tikkas and tandoori chicken instead of the curries.

5. If your dish has french fries as accompainments, ask the waiter to change that to steamed veggies.

6. Mix half of your fresh juice with soda to cut calories

7. Prefer to have water instead of carbonated beverages.

8. When having alcohol, add more water and ice and less of the aerated beverages.

Try these tips, they are easy and no one will notice you are on a diet. The trick to losing and maintaining weight is being smart around food. Being aware of what you are eating does help in the long runl.


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