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Let’s Talk Calories

Posted on: January 26, 2017

On an average I hear the word calorie from about 2 people everyday. Discussions, blogs and questions about calories in food are the in thing. Quite a biggie eh? Well I thought let me clear a few doubts about what food contains how many calories and what foods contain no calories. That got your attention didn’t it? Well read on. I have compiled a list of some regularly eaten Indian foods and snacks, which i will keep on updating on a daily basis.

1 average sized chapatti with ghee- 105 calories

1 average sized chapatti without ghee- 90 calories

1 slice bread (white or brown)-100 calories

1 slice bread with 1 teaspoon butter- 145 calories

1 slice bread with 1 teaspoon jam- 136 calories

1serving rice- 100 calories

1 serving pulao- 180 calories

2 poories (medium sized)- 110 calories

1 parantha- 200 calories

1 serving( katori) dal (any)- 125 calories

1 katori mixed veggies- 125 calories

1 katori curd( full cream milk)- 140 calories

1 katori curd( skimmed milk)- 55 calories

1 homemade dosa- 120 calories

1 masala dosa (dine out)- 350 calories

2  small idlis- 100 calories

2 vadas- 195 calories

1 boiled egg- 85 calories

1 omellete( 2 eggs)- 280 calories

1 katori poha- 150 calories

1 katori upma- 180 calories

1 katori chicken curry- 280 calories

1 piece roasted chicken-125 calories

1 piece grilled fish- 70 calories

2 pieces glucose biscuits- 70 calories

2 marie biscuits- 26 calories

2 cream cracker biscuits- 60 calories

2 chocolate biscuits- 150 calories

2 pieces dhokla- 81 calories

4 pieces khandvi- 128 calories

1 plate bhelpuri- 250 calories

1 plate  papri chaat- 420 calories

1 plate aloo chaat- 450 calories

4 pieces golgappe- 110 calories

6 pieces steamed momos( veg)-280 calories

6 pieces steamed momos( non veg)- 400 calories

2 pieces spring rolls- 180 calories

1 bowl noodles( veg)- 220 calories

1 slice veg pizza- 293 calories

1 small bowl veg pasta in white sauce- 236 calories

1 small bowl chicken pasta in white sauce- 348 calories

1small bowl veg pasta in tomato sauce- 180 calories

1 small bowl chicken pasta in tomato sauce- 278 calories

2 slices garlic bread- 120 calories

2 slices garlic bread with cheese- 240 calories

So here are some common Indian foods and their calories. And what I said earlier about no calories- well that is glug glug glug, yep water. Nothing makes you lose weight better than water. 2-3 teaspoons of curd added to it or a dash of lime will hardly add any calories. So start talking calories, losing weight is all about how you steer them around.


29 Responses to "Let’s Talk Calories"

hey! nice info! thanks.. m actually also tryng to find complete nutritional facts for hommade dhokla, not those on the packets.. n it wud really help if the amounts on pkts is translated to pieces.. na???
thanks n e wez!

This was a very nice and useful information.Thank u very much.

Details shared about are really nice. Thanks !

Thanks a lot sir, it helped me a lot..It would be nice if you try to include more items in list.Still u have done a v nice job…


Thanks, will be updating my site very soon.Thankyou for your valuable inputs.

thanks so much for the info, but i am now feeling bad about the calorie intake we have in our daily diet 😦
thanks again

hey this is very helpfull information.thank u very much…….

Thanks Yeshwant iam glad the information was of help.

regards Richa

Thank-you for this information…it is good to get the calorie information about complete meals, instead of having to calculate the calorie total from individual ingredients.

thanks..glad it helped

We’re talking in food calories right? Because a single real calorie is a really small unit, so when you say 280cal you mean 280Kcal right?

Food is measured in terms of kilocalories. Calorie or Cal is just another way of putting it.

Its so amazing research. God! I take so many calories per day, no doubt i weigh so much 😦

hey Deepika, its just about being a little careful.You should have fun and eat what you want but in limits.

how many calories r there in atukulu??

1 cup of atukulu will give an approx. of 80-100 calories

Dear Aloo fries: thanx a ton for the amazing exhaustive list that u have put up – reallly apppreciate it

3 cheers

Thaks Leela 🙂

Could you please specify the serving size where it just says “1 serving”, like rice?


This is very use ful information , please advice what is low cal break fast items.

Thanks Mahesh. Breakfast is the jump start meal of the day. Eat well in the morning and the whole day goes great. You can have idlis, upma, dosas, sandwiches w/o butter though cheese is good, stuffed rotis, veg poha, porridge etc. Just keep in mind the quantities, supplement with a beverage like lassi or milk to add to the nutrition value.

this is one of the greatest site…i was exactly looking for it….thanks alot..reallly great job!!!keep it up…

Thanks 🙂

hey i just wanna know that how many calories are there in half plate of chowmin?

Hi Barsha, thanks for liking my blog. Half a plate of chowmin has about 180 calories.

Hi thanks for info, pls suggest calories for a cup of oats..

Wt is the source of this information. Hw accurate is it

Shweta, iam a nutritionist the info 🙂

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