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5 Highly Effective Habits Of Successful Weight Losers

Posted on: April 6, 2017

A client the other day asked me “what is the key to effective and permanent weight loss?” Well this question answered many of my own questions on various issues, one being ,How do I write a great blog? Yes, i have thinking about blogging for sometime now, but iam happy i’ev finally started.

The key to success in any venture in life is to form some set habits. Habits are like a second skin, which we have grown into over years of practice. Talking about weight loss and habits, I’ll refer to them as “weight habits’. Here are 5 weight habits of those who succeeded in the weight loss game.


 Successful weight losers think positive

The philosophy of life goes that if you think something hard it happens. Those who are overweight tend to have a negative image of them. They are conscious of their body image and personality owing to their weight. This is one reason many tend to give up hope of losing weight even before starting and recede in a self created shell. To be a successful weight loser you need to replace the ” pesi” with “opti” and add it to ” mistic”. Optimism gives you the power to change negative around you into positive and work towards a greater goal in life.


Successful weight losers are disciplined

Any weight loss program which guarantees weight loss without exercise is a big lie. You reach no where without hard work and discipline. If you have been on a diet and not losing weight then review your “disciplinary habits”, you will find some loopholes in the plan. This is one habit which is hard to attain but once attained gives you a sense of superiority and command in an unimaginable aspect.


 Successful weight losers do not give up

Following a goal to the core no matter how many time you fail, is one of the most important weight habits which many have attained in their quest towards a successful weight loss. You may go on a diet for 5 days and then go on a binge, it does not matter. What matters is that you realise it and get back on the track again. It may take time, but you will surely be successful.


 Successful weight losers are open minded

Accepting that you have a problem is half problem solved. Most of us create a mental block which separates us from the real world; we call it our comfort zone. In reality the comfort zone is out there which starts with you accepting that you have a problem with weight or food.


Successful weight losers communicate

Communication is one effective tool for success. Many of us fail to speak up when needed, or are just simply too shy to put our view forward. When it comes to weight loss, talking about feelings, emotions, cravings, late night binges and exercises helps. Sharing thoughts and ideas makes you move forward.

These are a few common weight habits i have seen in thoes who lost weight. Iam sure there will be many more weight habits to observe and learn about. I would be glad if you share some of your weight habits with me, it’s just communication as i said, the more you talk the better it gets. As for me i have pondered over a few of my weaknesses and iam working on developing some positive habits, like regular blogging and you know what iam actually enjoying it.


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