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Time Your Meals To Lose Weight Faster

Posted on: May 4, 2017

My grandmother is a strict time addict. She does everything by the clock be it sleeping or eating. Though I must admit the age clock doesn’t show on her, she’s 85. So I asked her, How come you are so fit at this age?  She showed me the clock, that’s when I understood.

Ayurveda recommends eating meals on time for health and vitality. This actually does hold true to the core. Eating on time disciplines your system, is good for digestion and is makes you shed kilos. Yes, it’s true eating meals on time makes you lose weight faster as you would if you eat haphazardly. Ideally your meal timings should be as follows:

Breakfast- 8am


Dinner 8pm

Why should you have fixed meal timings?

 Eating by the watch takes care of a lot of health issues like digestion, acidity and blood sugar levels. Regards to weight loss, the effects are remarkable and can make a huge difference in your weighty plans.

  •  Craving control
  • Pumped up metabolism
  • Better sleep which is linked directly to weight gain
  • Controlled binging
  • Happy emotions
  • Less stress

 Breakfast and late dinner, what’s the big deal?

So what is the thing about eating a wholesome breakfast and a heavy dinner? Well it’s all about weight. If you want to lose weight then start your day with a good breakfast. Yes, I have tried it, me not being a breakfast person had to discipline myself to have at least a fruit and milk for breakfast. Believe me; it really works wonders on your metabolism.

Eating late at night makes you put on weight and no, that it not a myth. Having a large meal before bed stimulates the body to produce more insulin which stimulates fat storage. So you sleep and put on weight. I have a trick for this one, if you really do feel hungry around bedtime then stick to a glass of  milk, it is soothing and calcium is good for your bones. So watch what you eat by the watch, you’ll see what iam talking about.


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