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6 Ways To Make Fast Food Healthier

Posted on: June 22, 2017

We are living in a junkie world where fast food is a way of life. No time to cook you pick up a burger for lunch, quite easy. However it’s not that easy on your weight though. Your 40 rupees burger has about 400 calories, now that’s a whopper isn’t it. The way of life cannot be altered, so why not alter a bit in the junk food you eat. Here are 6 ways to give a makeover to your junk diet.

1. Pick and choose a burger with the least amount of fat. Instead of going in for the regular potato filling ask for a salad filling. Avoid adding extra cheese or mayo in your burger.

Veggie burger with potato filling with extra cheese- 500 calories

Veggie burger with salad filling- 250 calories

Calories saved -250

2. Do not drink regular Pepsi or any other aerated beverages along with your meal. Go for low calorie diet options or just plain nimboo pani- that’s refreshing and healthy.

1 regular coke (250ml)- 120 calories

Diet coke- 1 calorie

Calories saved-119

3. If you have a sweet tooth, then choose low calorie ice creams instead of the regular ones. Various brands like Mother Dairy, Amul, Nirulas and Gelato have come up with diet ice creams which are quite low in calories compared to their regular counterparts.

1 scoop of regular chocolate icecream-140 calories

1 scoop of gelato sorbet- 50 calories

Calories saved-110

4. Nothing beats the chessy pizza, but we are talking big calories here. So why don’t you try going wheat with your pizza. Dominos has launched Sicilan wheat pizza for the health conscious. It’s base is made up of wheat ( atta) unlike the other pizzas which have a maida base. Also keep an eye on the cheese (do not ask for extra cheese) and the toppings. Choose veggie toppings over meat ones, calories count here.

1 slice of pizza (non veg)-375 calories

1 slice of pizza (veg)-240 calories

Calories saved-60

5. Munch on some roasted channas instead of a bag of chips, you’ll cut out a lot of calories.

50 gm of potato chips- 190 calories

50 gm of roasted channas-100 calories

Calories saved-90

6. Cut out the coleslaw as an accompaniment, instead ask for plain salad. It’s healthier and lighter.

100gm of coleslaw-148 calories

100 gm of fresh garden salad (no dressing)- 17 calories

Calories saved- 131

A fast food junkie can become a healthy junkie; a little bit of change is all you need to do to trim your waist


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