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8 Tips On How To Keep Your Weight Under Check During Diwali

Posted on: October 12, 2017

The time to feast is round the corner and I’ve already started getting mithai and chocolate dabbas(damn my sweet tooth!). I know how hard it is to resist opening those beautifully covered boxes, just to peak what’s inside. Once the box is opened…that’s a completely different story (you know what I mean). Well getting on to a more serious note, diwali is a seriously weighty festival. I have seen many give up their diets during diwali with the promise to resume after the festival is over. The fact is that the resumption does not happen as planned. So lets’ not postpone our weight loss plans, how about getting through diwali without putting on any kilos. Here’s how

1. Drink like a fish– I have mentioned earlier also, water is a miracle weight loss drink. The miracle is in fact doubled during diwali, as all the ghee you eat is worked up if you drink 10-15 glasses of water every day. It keeps you hydrated and looking good also.

2. 30 minutes( yes, you know what iam talking about)– You must exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes; walk, jog, dance or do just about anything but exercise to avoid those post diwali kilos.

3. Bake em; roast em-Prefer to eat baked or roasted snacks like papads instead of fried stuffs like pakodas and mathis.

4. Choose your sweets-Bengali sweets are the more nutritious and low calorie ones as compared to the other sweets. Prefer having a rasogulla over a gulab jamun.

5. Limit your sweets– Don’t eat like there’s no tomorrow, enjoy your sweets but in moderation.

6. No carb dinner-Since you are eating sweets and dry fruits almost every day it is best to keep your dinners off carbs. Keep dinners to only soups and salads. It’ll keep your weight in check.

7. Drink low calorie-Limit your alcohol intake. Go for low calorie options like wine or beer over cocktails etc. Avoid fried snacks along with your drinks; instead choose grilled options and salads.

8. Visiting friends-When at a friend’s place, choose to eat an almond or a walnut over mithais.

Be it a bit conscious about what you are eating but eat also, after all diwali comes once a year. If you maintain your weight till after diwali, you have done well. So get dressed in your best attire and have a fun diwali or should I say a healthy diwali.

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Wonderful article! thansk for sharing. have RT’d it.

Thanks 🙂

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